Two Hype Feet — Dancing — Fluff Bingo 2019

Two Hype Feet — Dancing — Fluff Bingo 2019

Title: Two Hype Feet

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: pre Alec/Magnus

Rating: G

Word Count: 1,312

Warnings: None

Summary: It’s against the rules for Shadowhunters to meddle in purely mundane crimes, but when Alec is present for a bank robbery, he decides that he can’t just stand by. In the end, his intervention wasn’t needed.

Authors Note: This story takes place in an AU of the universe I created in my EAD story Shadowhunters. It can be read separately though.

Like most of the weird stuff that happened to Alec, his presence at the bank robbery that changed his life could be directly attributed to one of his siblings.

This time it was Izzy’s fault. She was the one who asked him to pick up a package one of her downworlder contacts—a werewolf that ran the shadowworld section of Multi World Bank—had ready for her.

Like the devoted brother that he was—read, sucker—he agreed. That was how he came to be leaning against a pillar on the edge of the lobby, waiting for Izzy’s contact to join him, when the commotion started.

The high ceiling and the marble surfaces made for a noisy space at the best of times, and it took several moments for Alec to realise that the shouting he could hear was more than just an indicator of an overly entitled businessman about to demand to see a manager.

The staccato of machine gun fire, followed by the crack and tinkle of breaking glass was enough to clue him in.

He edged around the pillar to get a look at what was happening.

A dozen or so mundanes, dressed all in black and with masks on, were waving machine guns threateningly at the bank customers and employees. A man that appeared to be the leader shouted for everyone to get down on the floor and fired another barrage of bullets into the ceiling above.

Alec swore under his breath.

The Clave was very clear about protocol in situations like this. Mundane criminals were to be left to mundane authorities. Shadowhunters were only to intervene if they witnessed the accords being broken, at which point they were to deal with that situation and that situation alone.

Still, Alec could see three small children and at least one pregnant woman just from where he was standing, and he couldn’t personally justify letting this play out. Shadowhunters were supposed to protect people. Squaring his shoulders, he reached for his stele. It was probably best to activate his Stealth and Acceleration runes before disarming the gun-toting robbers.

He’d barely got his hand on it when music started to echo off the marble surfaces. Alec paused in shock as the robbers all took their masks off, put their guns down, and lined up in front of the tellers situated furthest from the door.

Vocals joined the music, and the robbers started some sort of synchronised dance. There was a slight blue shimmer, and their tight-fitting black clothes changed into some kind of yellow vest thing—Izzy would know what it was called—accompanied by billowy black pants. Except for the leader, who was dancing slightly in front and had a black jacket with red arms and billowy red pants.

Alec blinked, wondering if there was some sort of hallucinogenic gas at play.

For a few seconds, there was no sound or movement throughout the lobby, aside from the energetically dancing robbers. The leader was singing, telling everyone that they couldn’t touch him.

Alec was confused. He would be the first to admit that the reasons behind a lot of mundane practices went entirely above his head—what were flash-mobs even for?—but this seemed like extra-strange behaviour.

Then one of the bank patrons who had been lying on the floor rose to his feet and dashed towards the door. The robbers ignored him utterly, which led to the rest of the bank’s customers getting up and making their way hastily outside.

The robbers kept dancing as if they had nothing better to do.

The sound of approaching sirens would typically have been the signal for Alec to get out of there, but nothing short of Raziel appearing in all his glory and commanding him to leave could have pulled him away before he had a chance to understand what in the angel’s name was going on.

He came out from the shadow of the pillar to get a better view. There was something very catchy about the beat, and he found himself bobbing his head along with it.

Moving his position allowed Alec to catch sight of another spectator, just standing there watching the dance and apparently enjoying the show as much as Alec was.

The stranger was stunning. His very fancy clothes did nothing to hide the lean muscular form they covered. The blue-tipped mohawk, the smokey eyeliner and the glitter on his cheeks and eyelids should have made him look ridiculous, especially this early in the day, but instead, he looked confident and exotic.

He noticed Alec almost immediately, confirming that he possessed the Sight. A downworlder of some kind then, going by the lack of runes. The ears were round, so not a seelie. It was the wrong time of day for vampire to be likely. That left werewolf or warlock. Most likely warlock, given the unexpected dancing and the way the lead robber had just declared that it was, “Hammer time!”

A shadowhunter,” the probable warlock said. “Of course. Why wouldn’t there be?” He gave Alec a once over, his eyebrows raising slightly. “Now, who are you?”

Alec felt flushed all of a sudden. There was something about the way the downworlder was looking at him that had him stammering and fumbling with an answer. “Oh, uh, I’m Alec,” he said, almost immediately wishing the ground would open up and swallow him.

The downworlder looked delighted. He smiled widely and made his way over to Alec and offered his hand. “Magnus Bane, at your service.” He ran his eyes over Alec again. “Very much at your service, I assure you.”

Even before Magnus had identified himself—by the angel, he was talking to the High Warlock of Brooklyn!—Alec had breathlessly noticed that he moved with the natural confidence of a seasoned fighter.

With that awareness, the bright clothes and the glittering make-up took on a new significance. After all, it was common knowledge that the most brilliant and flashiest animals were often the deadliest. They had no need for camouflage, or to hide themselves away in fear of attack. They wore their bold colours proudly, as a challenge to any who wished to take them on.

Alec’s mouth went dry. He cleared his throat, trying to find his bearings. The sound of the mundane police issuing a command over the speakers for everyone in the building to lie flat and put their hands on their heads, broke him out of his stupor.

Magnus glanced over to the dancers and flicked his fingers. Blue sparks emerged and darted over to the disrupted robbers. The music stopped, and they dropped to the floor like marionettes with their strings cut.

Oh dear, I’m afraid you’ve caught me breaking the accords,” Magnus said to Alec, not sounding in the slightest bit apologetic. “I imagine that means you need to take me in? Give me a good…going over?”

Right,” Alec said, licking his dry lips. The way that Magnus zeroed in on the movement gave Alec a bit more confidence. “We should probably…” He indicated the door with a jerk of his head.

Why take chances when you don’t have to?” Magnus asked smoothly, opening a portal with a dextrous twist of his wrist. “This way is much quicker. Now, if you would be so good as to accompany me, I have everything we need for a delightful caipirinha that would go just perfectly with an interrogation.” He winked.

Alec knew that he was about to break about a dozen different Clave rules, but for once, he couldn’t find it in himself to care. “That sounds like a good idea,” he said, suddenly feeling on top of the world.

With another smile at Magnus, Alec walked into the portal. He had no idea what a caipirinha was, and he looked forward to finding out. Izzy could run her own errands.



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