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Here are some of the stories that I love, sorted by fandom.

Please be sure to check the warnings provided by the authors before reading! Your mental health and wellbeing are important.

Everything recommended here is marked as finished. Sometimes they’re part of an open series, but if they’re on this list then at least one story in that series is completed.

There are some stories that would have made this list, but for the fact that they’re not finished. I may consider adding a separate list of them too, if anyone’s interested.

These are by no means all of my favourites. I’ll try to remember to add stories when they leave me stunned.

Harry Potter and the Baggage of Doom by Punster-Zero—Harry/Luna
A crossover between HP and Discworld. After his trunk is destroyed following his entry into the Goblet of Fire, Harry obtains a Luggage. Cracky goodness that always cheers me up.

Hindsight by Loralee
In the summer before Harry starts Hogwarts, Severus Snape receives a visit from a future version of himself. Armed with information and warnings, Snape makes changes. Just sweet and lovely.

Veil of Shadows by vvc
A fixit for Sirius’ death that I’ve loved since I read it years ago.

Das Vorbewusste by weatherfront—Arthur/Eames
Told from Arthur’s POV as he finally finds someone who won’t bore him. AMAZING.

Lions and Tigers by Starlingthefool — Arthur/Eames
An Inception/Calvin and Hobbes crossover, where Calvin grew up to be Eames. Told from Arthur’s perspective.

Enough Rope by Amber_and_Ash
I am unashamedly Team Iron Man. I never saw the Civil War movie, and I heard enough about it to know that I never want to. This was one of the first stories I read that dealt with the aftermath of this movie. It blew me away, and continues to be one of the best Post Civil War Salty Team Tony fics I’ve read.
reverse by blackkat
blackkat has many amazing stories. This one is my current favourite. If you’re in the Naruto fandom and haven’t read this yet, go forth and do so 🙂
De Novo by Jilly James — Tony DiNozzo/Ian Edgerton
A crossover with Criminal Minds and Numb3rs. This is one of my favourites of Jilly’s stories for several reasons. I particularly liked the way Jenny Shepard was developed. This character feels more real, more like a woman and less like the caricature she seemed in the show. A thinking being, instead of a plot device there to serve as eye candy while giving lip-service to gender equality. I’m also a big fan of people reaping what they sow, and of Tony getting out of the toxic environment of the MCRT.

The Journey Home by Jilly James — Tony DiNozzo/Jack O’Neil
A Sentinel fusion that crosses over with the Stargate ‘Verse. The focus is on Tony and his entry into the Stargate program, but there’s some very satisfying resolution to the toxic atmosphere of the MCRT as well.

Angelus ex Machina by Blue — Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Really interesting worldbuilding that explores the parabatai bond, along with the nature of the angelic core that powers the New York Institute, and the power of angelic blood running in human veins. I love this series.

Beside Me by d_aia — Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
Oh, wow. An unusual time travel fic, but stunningly executed and amazingly written. It’s told from Ragnor’s perspective. Yes, that Ragnor. The dead one.

Best Laid Plans by SuperficialPeasant — Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
This story explores what might have happened if a sexually confident and active Alec had met Magnus while looking to relieve some tension before canon started. Hot, well written. I couldn’t put it down, and it’s one that I go back to whenever I need a Malec fix but I don’t have time to sift through what’s on offer.

The Boundless Saga by sarcasticfluentry and Teumessian — Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood
A scorching hot series that goes AU from canon in S1. It primarily focuses on Magnus and Alec’s relationship. Did I mention that this is hot? It’s hot. SO HOT. Maybe don’t read it for the first time in public. You’ve been warned.

Family Dynamics by flawedamythyst
A tense confrontation between Sherlock, Mycroft, and Moriarty. Amazing.

Intellect and Instincts by Kryptaria and Mitaya  — Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
The one where John Watson is a were-velociraptor. You heard me.

Old Gods, New Tricks by BootsnBlossoms and Kryptaria — James Bond/Q
Blink and you’ll miss it crossover with Good Omens. Gorgeous worldbuilding, lovely story. I’m a huge fan of Alec Trevelyan too.    
Atlas by distractedKat — James T. Kirk/Spock
This story is fantastic. I go back to it time and time again. One of the few stories I’ve read that explores the dark underbelly of the Federation. And I love me some BAMF characters 🙂

Spoctoria by screamlet and waldorph — James T. Kirk/Spock
An AU series where Spock is heir to the Federation throne and Jim is Prince of America. It’s gorgeous.

So Wise We Grow by Deastar — James T. Kirk/Spock
A series that grabs my heartstrings every single time. Also, tiny Vulcans are adorable. Fight me.

And All We Have by seekergeek — John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
The premise is that Earth is gone, lost to the Ori, and Atlantis has to take a hard look at how to survive now that they’re on their own. It’s an interesting exploration of how they deal with grief and cope with change.

The Lantean Legacy by Keira Marcos — John Sheppard/Rodney McKay
An intriguing look at the possibilities if the expedition were to discover that Atlantis was more than it seemed. Two books within the series are complete.

Call Me (Cliché) by SomewheresSword — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
The old ‘went away for the summer and came back hot’ trope with a Teen Wolf twist. Also has Noah being let in on the werewolf secret, Derek slowly opening up, and Stiles fully aware of and leaning into the trope. Just lovely. Stiles is seventeen, so he’s underage in California.

Cathedrals by KarasuYurei and KouriArashi — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
Shadowhunters crossover. I could fill this page with works by KouriArashi. This one is listed here rather than Shadowhunters because the story mainly revolves around Stiles, Derek, and events taking place in Beacon Hills. This was my gateway fic into Shadowhunters, it’s well written, the characterisation is great, the dialogue delightful. This story made me fall in love with Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood.

Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile by DevilDoll — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
A zombie apocalypse fic set in an AU of the Teen Wolf ‘Verse. There’s some underage in this one, Stiles is sixteen. It’s not mentioned how old Derek is, I don’t think.

Courage Through Fear by Pookaseraph — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
Great story with a believable BAMF Stiles, and an awesome Derek, and a great werewolf reveal to Noah, and some not!evil hunters.

Dream in Black and White by velero (istia) — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
This story is focused around a Stiles who left Beacon Hills. It’s quiet until it’s not, and the ending is so satisfying and wonderful.

I must become lionhearted by Regann — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
Crossover with Grimm, where the Gajos family are Grimms, and Stiles’ aunt, Marta Gajos, just died. A well written, enjoyable story.

Ice, Ice, Baby by SnowshadowAO3 — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
A lovely romance. Stiles and Derek are iceskaters who’ve lost their skating partners to injury, they pair up in the hope of making it to the Olympics. Mostly angst-free. Charming. I totally ignored everything else I was supposed to be doing to read it.

Light Up My World Like Nobody Else by Lissadiane — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
I really can’t improve on the author’s summary. “In which Stiles Stilinski has a little too much to drink, and steals a baby goat.” This is delightful fluff, and baby goats are adorable.

(magic) it’ll free your soul by Spikedluv — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
Wherein Laura isn’t dead, just missing, when Derek turns up looking for her.

One Dollar Yoda by exclamation — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
A ‘sparks bond to packs’ story. Stiles is a spark, being courted by alpha werewolves in the hope that he’ll join their packs. This story doesn’t shy away from some of the less pleasant ramifications of such a system, although there’s nothing too distressing actually depicted. Check the warnings if you’re not sure.

Play It Again by metisket — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
A dimension travel extravaganza where a battleworn Stiles takes the place of a Stiles with nothing more than a bit of High School bullying on his plate. Of course, just because that Stiles didn’t know about the supernatural, didn’t mean it wasn’t there. Having woken up in this strange, calm, world, Stiles proceeds to try and find a way home while taking the opportunity to do what he does best…take care of everyone he cares about. To the confusion of everyone around him.

This Isn’t What I Wanted (but I can’t keep my filthy fucking mouth shut) by LadySlytherin — Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinksi
The Alpha Pack makes a mistake when they turn Stiles. Helping Stiles deal with his new wolfiness helps Derek, and Cora, Erica, and Boyd are all still alive.  Awesome story.

An Eye For Quality by Linelan — Bella Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
The best Rule63!Bilbo story I’ve read. Great characterisation, wonderful worldbuilding. I love the relationship between Bella and Fíli, and Bella and Kíli. Brilliant story overall.

Coats and Customs by imaginary_golux — Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
AU series in which Smaug never happened and Thror arranges Thorin’s marriage to Bilbo. A fun, exciting series.

For the Forge Grows Dark and Cold by Drag0nst0rm
I cried my eyes out. This is a 3k story, told from Gimli’s perspective. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. There’s no onscreen character death, but it deals with the canonical deaths of Oin, Balin and Ori, as well as the siege of Erebor during the War of the Ring. Bring a box of tissues, and maybe don’t read it for the first time if you’re on public transport, about to have a job interview.

lay down your sweet and weary head by Elenothar — Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
A time-travel fic where Thorin dies, then wakes on the day the dragon arrived in Erebor. A gripping exploration of what might have happened had the dragon been defeated, overwoven with Thorin’s efforts to make the lives of his family, friends, and overall his people better. In doing so, he grows and matures, and realises that events from his past might have had a different interpretation than the one he’d initially put on then. Just wonderful.

The Mediator by Mynuet — Billa Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
The second best Rule63!Bilbo story I’ve read. An enjoyable read from start to finish. I especially like the interaction with the ravens and the thrush at the end. Delightful.