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And Just Forget – Chapter Twelve to Fourteen
AND JUST FORGET Chapter Twelve When Stiles came down on Saturday morning, Noah was already there, sitting at the kitchen...
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And Just Forget – Chapter Five to Chapter Eight
AND JUST FORGET Chapter Five “Right!” Magnus said with a clap of his hands. “Now that the werewolves are far...
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And Just Forget – Chapter One to Chapter Four
AND JUST FORGET Chapter One Given the option, Stiles usually woke fairly slowly. It was one of the luxuries of...
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Shadowwings – EAD 2019
Title: Shadowwings Author: Claire Watson Fandom: Shadowhunters Relationship(s): Alec/Magnus future Genre: AU - goes AU not long after Alec is born Content Rating: PG – at...
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Magic – EAD 2019
Title: Magic Author: Claire Watson Fandom: Teen Wolf Relationship(s): Derek/Stiles future Genre: AU - adjusted backstory Content Rating: Gen – at present Warnings: None at present This...
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If Heaven Falls – Part three
Part three 24 June 1985 The sudden storm that sprung up in South East Wiltshire had a distinctly green tinge...
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If Heaven Falls – Part two
WARNING: Lots of off-screen character death is mentioned in the lead up to time travel. Part two When he came...
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If Heaven Falls – Part one
WARNING: Major character death in this part! Remember that there is time travel coming up to fix it. Also there...
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Evil Author Day

This is my contribution to Evil Author Day. Anything posted here is unfinished, and I give no surety that it ever will be. However, everything here was still in my ‘current’ folder when I chose it for posting, so there is hope! All names are ‘stable names’, and subject to change. As fics are completed, they will be removed from this page and placed on the Fiction page.


How To Win A Quartermaster James Bond, 00Q

Dobby Time Travel fic – Harry Potter – Complete If Heaven Falls


Harry Potter in Middle EarthHarry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings – Gen, No pairings

Sterek Halloween ficTeen Wolf – Gen, Derek/Stiles pre-relationship

A Study in Family Harry Potter, Sherlock – Harry/Bill/Cedric (future)


Master Plan Fallout – Teen Wolf -Complete

Shitty Justice Teen Wolf – Gen


Teen Wolf meets the Changeover Teen Wolf, The Changeover – Derek/Stiles, Major Character Death ahead


Magic Teen Wolf – future Derek/Stiles

Shadowwings – Shadowhunters – future Alec/Magnus

RT Short Prompts

This page is for my responses to the prompts issued under The Workshop section of RT (you need to be a member to have access to the content there. Before applying for membership, read the rules. Seriously. Read them. If you don’t think you can comply, back away now. Please.)

These short pieces will be either 500-1000 words (if the prompt was a single word) or 1000-2000 words (if the prompt was a characters name). Unless otherwise stated, none are beta’d.

They are part of a writing exercise and are complete as posted. There are no sequels or expansions planned for any of these stories, so please don’t ask for them.


Title: Harpies

Author: myredturtle

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Stiles Stilinksi, Derek Hale

Genre: Pre-slash

Word Count: 654

Warnings: None


Title: Last Second Save

Author: myredturtle

Fandom: NCIS/Teen Wolf

Characters: Tony DiNozzo, Derek Hale, Kate Argent, OMC

Rating: T (for violence and icky kissing) no pairing 

Word Count: 983

Warnings: Canon level violence. Brief portrayal of canon predator kissing underage victim. Minor character death.


Title: Ruthless Revenge

Author: Claire Watson (myredturtle)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: offscreen Stiles/Derek

Characters: Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski

Rating: R

Word Count: 796

Warnings: No beta. Minor torture of a major character.


Title: Imaginary Lint

Author: Claire Watson (myredturtle)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: offscreen Lydia/Jackson & Allison/Isaac, pre-relationship Stiles/Derek & Scott/Isaac/Allison

Characters: Lydia Martin, Stiles Stilinski

Rating: PG13

Word Count: 1,000

Warnings: No beta. Discussion of sexual manipulation.

Author note: This takes place after S3 E04 Unleashed. I had to ruthlessly chop 150 words out of this so that it fit the requirements. It was probably good for me.


Title: Angels Arrive

Author: Claire Watson

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec/Magnus (offscreen)

Characters: OC’s, Raphael, Simon, Angels, Alec, Lydia

Word Count: 997

Warnings: No beta. Another hatchet job when I went over word count.