Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

Anything posted here has been written by me unless otherwise specifically stated. Please do not post the contents of this site anywhere else without my explicit permission. No canon character, situation or scenario belongs to me. Anything canon still belongs to the writer or whomever laid official claim to them.

This site will primarily be for fanfiction. Also, I write what I like, and what I like to read. If you don’t like my work, please be civilised and just leave.

Other than that, please enjoy.



  1. .Great stories. I am looking forward to seeing Lightening Touched when you finish it. Also Black Moon. You have great ideas and new ways of looking at things (ref the Sterek story).

  2. Splendid stories! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Enjoying Shadowwings, hope you feel inspired to write more soon.

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