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Evil Author Day

This is my contribution to Evil Author Day. Anything posted here is unfinished, and I give no surety that it ever will be. However, everything here was still in my ‘current’ folder when I chose it for posting, so there is hope! All names are ‘stable names’, and subject to change. As fics are completed, they will be removed from this page and placed on the Fiction page.


How To Win A Quartermaster James Bond, 00Q
Dobby Time Travel fic – Harry Potter – Complete If Heaven Falls


Harry Potter in Middle EarthHarry Potter, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings – Gen, No pairings
Sterek Halloween ficTeen Wolf – Gen, Stiles/Derek pre-relationship
A Study in Family Harry Potter, Sherlock – Harry/Bill/Cedric (future)


Master Plan Fallout – Teen Wolf -Complete
Shitty Justice Teen Wolf – Complete
Judgement and Justice


Teen Wolf meets the Changeover Teen Wolf, The Changeover – Stiles/Derek, Major Character Death ahead


Magic Teen Wolf – future Stiles/Derek
Shadowwings – Shadowhunters – future Alec/Magnus – Complete


AriokasTeen Wolf – future Stiles/Derek – Gen
True Nature’s Child – Teen Wolf – future Stiles/Derek – Gen


Shadowwings – RevelationsShadowhunters – Alec/Magnus – Gen
UnrealityTeen Wolf – future Stiles/Derek – Gen


  1. faintmeteor

    Hello, just wondering if your fic “Shitty Justice” is the sequel to “Blind Justice” over on Wild Hare. I know you’ve taken it down temporarily but I was curious.

    1. Blind Justice was the name I decided on for my EAD story ‘Sterek Halloween fic.’ Shitty Justice is something completely different, although, I can see how it would be confusing. They’re both entries into what I call my ‘Justice Boner Suite,’ my attempts to come to terms with how furious the hunter/werewolf dynamic makes me, and how much I hate the lack of repercussions for the horrific events some characters perpetrated.

      Shitty Justice was removed so that I can work on it for a challenge, it has now been finished and will go up in its finished splendour in August.

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