Teen Wolf meets The Changeover – EAD 2018

Title: No title as yet
Author: myredturtle
Fandom: Teen Wolf, The Changeover by Margaret Mahy
Relationship(s): Derek/Stiles future, Scott/Allison
Genre: AU – set between S2 & S3, Erica and Boyd back with Derek
Content Rating: Gen – at present
Warnings: Major Character Death ahead. Scott and Allison.

This was my first ever Teen Wolf bunny, hatched during Nano in 2015 when I was supposed to be concentrating on my Harry Potter project. I decided that maybe it was time to start writing it since I still like the idea. This is the beginning, the lead-in to what is yet to come.

The day that Stile’s life changed irrevocably forever started like many others. There was no indication at all that anything made this day different until he looked in the mirror that morning while brushing his teeth.

The reflection looking into his eyes wasn’t him. Or, it was him, only a him that didn’t exist yet. The Stiles in the mirror looked older, harder, but somehow also more confident. His eyes held more knowledge, more awareness. More darkness.

Stiles’ hand stilled, the brush continuing to whir away with no direction.

Fuck. A Warning.

He’d only ever had one other Warning that he could remember, and that had been years ago. At the time he hadn’t known what it meant, and it wasn’t until much later that he connected the moment of strangeness in the morning to the double-whammy of the afternoon.

First – and most importantly to the young Stiles – there was his mother and father sitting him down to tell him that the ‘nothing’ his mother had been having check-ups at the hospital for was indeed something, something terminal.

Secondly, his father was called away on an emergency that he couldn’t be excused from. The Hale House out in the Preserve was on fire, and as far as anyone could tell the entire family was somehow trapped inside. Deputy Stilinski had gone reluctantly to help, but he had gone.

It was only months later, when the Hale House was nothing but a burnt husk and Claudia Stilinksi’s ashes had been scattered in the Preserve that Stiles put together the Warning he’d received with what had followed.

He’d tried telling his father, but Noah Stilinski was in no place to hear him. He tried telling Scott, his best friend, but Scott thought he was imagining things after the fact. He assured Stiles that it wasn’t his fault, and that no matter what kind of mystical warnings he may or may not have received there was nothing he could have done.

So Stiles stopped talking about it.

He didn’t forget though, and so this time he knew what it was that he was feeling, was seeing. This was a face from the future, a glimpse through time. Something was about to happen, something big.

Stiles braced himself as he left the bathroom. There had been no Warning when Scott had been bitten by a werewolf. Whatever this was, it was going to affect his life more than that had. Whatever was coming… he needed to be as ready as possible.


It was with trepidation that Stiles sat down opposite his father at the kitchen table for breakfast. This was the first morning in what seemed like months that the Sheriff had both been home and awake at mealtime.

Stiles had had finals, along with the clusterfuck that was the situation with Gerard Argent and the Alpha pack. Almost immediately afterwards, the Sheriff had needed to attend a series of symposiums on policing that had been made mandatory if he wanted to keep his recently reinstated badge.

Even without that, Stiles and his father had been growing steadily apart for some time. It made Stiles’ heart ache, but keeping his father safe was of utmost importance and he hadn’t yet figured out a way to achieve that. Until he did, he wasn’t going to breathe a word about the supernatural situation in and around Beacon Hills.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” the Sheriff said, before Stiles had even picked up his knife and fork.

And that was when Stiles knew. The moment those words came out of his father’s mouth, he’d known what the Warning was about. He almost didn’t need the follow up explanation Noah provided, giving more details on the specialists he’d already consulted. After all, those were almost the exact same words his mother had used right before breaking the news that she wouldn’t be coming home from hospital.

Only, this time he wasn’t even aware that his father was sick. Oh sure, he’d registered the tension between him and his dad, but he’d thought that was because of all of the lies he’d been telling, it hadn’t even occurred to him that his father was hiding important stuff too. Turns out all those law enforcement symposiums? A handy cover for Noah Stilinski’s trips out of state for tests and treatments, to see if anything could be done.

Now, having exhausted all avenues except for aggressive chemotherapy, Noah had decided it was time to finally get it all out in the open.

Well. Since his dad had just confessed that unless some miracle occurred he only had six months left to live, Stiles didn’t think there was much reason to hide everything else that had been happening any more. Not that he was ready to accept that diagnoses without doing some exhaustive research of his own. If push came to shove, Derek might be willing to bite him.

Stiles had taken a full three minutes – his asshole father had timed it, the fucker – to process the news and it’s implications and then the whole werewolf story had come spilling out of him. From taking Scott to go look for a dead body to the showdown with Gerard last month.

And his dad had listened, only occasionally asking questions. For hours, until Stiles was finally all talked out.

“I wondered when you were going to tell me,” Noah said, rubbing his hand over his face. “You do recall that your mother was good friends with Talia Hale, right? I’ve known they were werewolves a hell of a lot longer than you. And really, mountain lions? Why do you think I was so ready to suspect Derek? Poor kid.”

Stiles was in shock yet again.

“This Argent business is new to me though,” Noah said with a frown. “I can’t say that I’m happy that vigilantes have felt that they had the right to come into my town and hunt those they ‘think’ have done wrong. As far as I’m concerned, werewolf, hunter, whatever, they’re all citizens and subject to the law. I can understand reacting in the face of a crime occurring right in front of your eyes, that’s where things like self-defense come in. But ‘hunting’ people just because they don’t fit a narrow genetic requirement? Not on. Not in my town. And I’m even less happy about this torture business they’ve got going on.”

Stiles shrugged. “I wasn’t too keen on it myself, but what was there to do? Who would believe me? Not to mention that werewolves have that freaky healing thing messing up the evidence. It’s not like there was a lot of proof on anyone other than me.”

“I wish you had shared some of this earlier,” Noah sighed. “Maybe I could have done something. At least clued in a couple of the more responsible deputies. With the Hales mostly gone and young Derek cleared, I didn’t think it was likely to be coming up again.”

Stile felt himself shrink slightly at the slight hint of disappointment in his father’s voice. “Yeah, well, it just seemed so hard to explain, and I thought I was keeping you safe,” he muttered, before lifting his chin defiantly. “Of course, if I’d known that you weren’t going to try and stick me in a straight jacket for blaming everything on werewolves, I might have overcome my reservations and told you when I figured out that Scott had become one.”

“Well we both know better now,” Noah replied with a significant look.

Stiles nodded his agreement, mind already moving onto ways to fix his dad. If Gerard Argent had been sure that the bite would cure his cancer, then maybe his dad had more of a chance than he knew.

“If Derek agreed, would you take the bite?” he asked abruptly.

Noah gazed out of the window in thought for a few minutes before his brow cleared and he gave the fence a sharp nod. “Yes,” he answered firmly. “If there’s a chance, and Derek agrees, I would be honoured to take the bite. But is Derek going to agree?”

“Probably?” Stiles said, pausing to consider what he knew about Derek. “I mean, he and I may not be best buds, but we do have a saving each other thing going on.”


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