The Final Nexus – Summary


  1. Karla

    I was really hoping that you would post the entire story (even if it is/stays unfinished) that you had up on Rough Trade. It definitely one of my favorites and I would love to re-read it. It had so many wonderful elements. Also really liking your RT story now. Thanks for writing and sharing your talent!

    1. Thank you! I’m amazed that you found me, and very flattered 🙂

      I have been debating on what to do with The Final Nexus, if I should put it up as is. Because I’m still writing on it slowly, I was going to wait until it was finished and beta’d. But now I’m thinking that I might leave it as a sort of yardstick, not beta it, so that I have a record of my first attempt with no outside assistance. I’ll likely make my decision once nano is over.

      Thanks for commenting, it really made my day!

  2. Marcia

    Great story! My third or fourth time reading this. I love stories where Harry finds a family to love and support him. I’m still hoping that there will be more some day?

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