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And Just Forget

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Title: And Just Forget

Author: Claire Watson

Fandom: Teenwolf

Relationship(s): Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Peter Hale/Noah Stilinski, Alec Lightwood/Magnus Bane

Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural

Content Rating: M

Warnings: Death-Minor Character, Discussion-Statutory Rape, Kidnapping, Murder, Non-consensual human experimentation, Torture-offscreen, Violence-Canon-level

Summary: Gerard Argent belongs to a secret hunter organisation that is trying to create a serum with the intention of making all of the hunters in their group like Captain America. When Gerard kidnaps Stiles after the game, he uses him as a test subject. That turns out to be a mistake.

Thank you to Jilly James for an amazing beta and Chestnut NOLA for her stunning art!

Author Notes:
I’m borrowing Magnus Bane and some of the canon elements from Shadowhunters and blatantly tweaking some others. This isn’t a SH crossover though, and the Clave and the Downworld aren’t a thing in this verse.

I did give Magnus an Alec, though, cause I ship it so hard.

I got the idea of bringing Magnus and Alec into Teen Wolf from KarasuYurei and KouriArashi’s Cathedrals, which was my gateway fic into Shadowhunters. It’s a wonderful story with some great characterisation!

This is less a warning and more a heads up:

I don’t like Scott and some of the decisions he made in S2. I don’t like Allison and the decisions she made in S2. I don’t like Lydia. I don’t approve of Chris Argent. I don’t approve of Mellisa McCall. I don’t approve of Deaton. These things are all reflected in my writing. If you can’t cope with that, it might be better to let this one go.

Chapter One – Chapter Four

Chapter Five – Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine – Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve – Chapter Fourteen

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